Research at DSG focuses on modeling, performance analysis and prototyping of distributed systems. 

For many years DSG has been modeling different types of distributed systems with GSPN tools such as GreatSPN, and with simulation tools, such as ns-2 and PeerSim. In 2008, DSG started the development of DEUS (Discrete Event Universal Simulator), a powerful tool for the simulation of complex distributed systems.

DSG’s activity is also related to the development of middleware and applications in the fields of cloud computing, service-oriented architectures, mobile systems, distributed robotics and ambient intelligence.  

DSG’s research activity has been carried out in the framework of several national and international research programmes, such those funded by the national Research Ministry (ISIDE, WEB MINDS, PROFILES), as well as the 6th Framework EU project MULTIKNOWLEDGE. DSG has several peer reviewed publications on system architectures, parallel and distributed systems, services, wireless networks, multimedia distribution, QoS support in dynamic environments.  

In January 2009, DSG joined the PlanetLab consortium.