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DEUS v0.6.0 has been released on thursday, the 5th of June 2014! ----> DOWNLOADS

DEUS aims to become one of the reference tools in the field of complex system simulation. It provides a simple Java API which allows to implement

  • nodes (i.e. the parts which interact in a complex system, leading to emergent behaviors.. humans, pets, cells, robots, intelligent agents, etc.)
  • events (e.g. node births/deaths, interactions among nodes, interactions with the environment, logs, etc. - briefly, whatever you want!)
  • processes (stochastic or deterministic, they regulate the timeliness of events)

Configuration scripts for simulations must be written in XML (using the DEUS schema). In the near future a graphical editor will be introduced.

Currently you can checkout the source code, which comes as an Eclipse project and includes many examples. Soon, the examples will be removed from the source repository and released separately.

If you do not want to checkout the source code, you can use the deus-x.y.z.jar which is available in the downloads section.

A paper introducing DEUS has been presented at SIMUTools 2009, in Rome. It is a good reference to understand the phylosophy and the architecture of DEUS. You may find it in the downloads section.


Michele Amoretti (Project Idea, Design and Development)

Matteo Agosti (Project Idea, Design and Development)

Marco Picone (Design and Development)

Stefano Sebastio (Design and Development)