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  • 24/05/2011 [NEW] New tutorial and example about how to use the library on the Android platform. [tutorial][source]
  • 03/05/2011 New available tutorial on Bootstrap & FullPeeer example, and NAT management through SBC implementation [download]
  • 24/04/2011 New Wiki page about how to run SimplePeer example [open]
  • 12/03/2011 Version 1.0 of sip2peer has been released
  • 12/03/2011 Updated tutorial available here
  • 12/03/2011 Google Code WebSite updated


sip2peer is an open-source SIP-based middleware for the implementation of any peer-to-peer application or overlay without constrains on peer nature (traditional PC or mobile nodes) and specific architecture.

Main characteristics are:

  • Multiplatform nature 
  • Simple communication API with notification system
  • SIP-Based platform
  • NAT traversal management
  • Efficient, Scalable and Configurable structure

Supported Platform

At this moment sip2peer is available for Java SE and Android platforms, but we are working on the iOS release.


Marco Picone (Project Idea, Design and Coordinator)

Fabrizio Caramia (Design and Development)

Michele Amoretti (Design)


  • sip2peer Android Example 1.0 (zip) [NEW]
  • sip2peer Android Tutorial (pdf) [NEW]
  • sip2peer Tutorial (pdf
  • sip2peer FullPeer, Bootstrap and SBC Tutorial (pdf
  • sip2peer libs 1.0 (zip)
  • sip2peer Examples 1.0 (zip)
  • sip2peer SBC 1.0 (zip)

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