Publications 2004


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 M. Amoretti, D. Bianchi, G. Conte, M. Reggiani, F. Zanichelli

An Ontology-based Grid Service for Multimedia Search

Atti del XLII Congresso Annuale AICA, pp. 143-154, Benevento, Italy, September 2004. 


M. Amoretti, G. Conte, M. Reggiani, F. Zanichelli

Designing Grid Services for Multimedia Streaming in an E-Learning Environment

Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE-2004), pp. 331-336, ISBN 0-7695-2183-5, Modena, Italy, June 2004.


M. Amoretti, G. Conte, M. Reggiani, F. Zanichelli

Service Discovery in a Grid-based Peer-to-Peer Architecture

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M. Amoretti, S. Bottazzi, S. Caselli, M. Reggiani

Collaborative Teleoperation of Manipulation Tasks over the Internet using an Open Component-based Architecture

Extended abstract, IEEE ICRA 2004 Workshop on Wireless and Networked Robots, pp. 15-16, New Orleans, USA, April 2004.