Security protocols for the Cloud-oriented Internet of Things (SeCIoT)


Sponsor: Università Italo-FranceseGalileo Programme
  • Michele Amoretti (Università degli Studi di Parma Italy)
  • Andrzej Duda (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), INP, UGA - France)

One of the most important challenges facing the development of the Internet of Things relates to the creation of large amounts of raw data and openess of communications. IoT devices will generate a vast amount of raw data that need to be stored and processed in the Cloud in a highly protected way. Openess relates to the view of the Internet of Things as an ubiquitous utility - devices can generate data for the benefit of other devices and users. The majority of current sensor-based networks are closed systems, but being able to exchange data with other devices brings many benefits from the point of view of the whole system. Openess creates many new research problems - we need to rethink and refine all existing design and analysis techniques as well as tools to take into account openness. At the same time, openess requires a suitable balance between opening access to the largest possible set of users and supporting an adequate level of security and data protection.

In the SeCIoT project, we plan to address several research issues related to four challenges, namely 

1. Energy-efficient mechanisms for data security

2. Energy-efficient schemes for secure data communication

3. Energy-efficient algorithms for secure cloud services

4. Integration and implementation of the proposed protocols on experimental platforms


Italian Team (DSG + IoTLab + NetSec of UniPr, Parma): Michele Amoretti (PI), Luca Davoli, Gianluigi Ferrari, Francesco Zanichelli, Luca Veltri, Francesco Medioli

French Team (Drakkar Group of LIG Lab, Grenoble): Andrzej Duda (PI), Olivier Alphand, Timothy Claeys, Franck Rousseau, Bernard Tourancheau


  • Monday 6/2/2017 in Grenoble: French team + Amoretti, Zanichelli (Ferrari joined the meeting with Skype)
  • Thursday 8/6/2017 in Parma: Italian team + Duda
  • From 16 to 23/7/2017, Amoretti joined the French team in Grenoble
  • Friday 24/11/2017 in Grenoble: French team + Amoretti
  • From 27/11 to 1/12/2017, Medioli joined the French team in Grenoble
  • From 10/12 to 15/12/2017, Claeys joined the Italian team in Parma

Access to SeCIoT's GitLab repository